‘Laudate Dominum’

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From the Pastor’s Desk

“Father, what does ‘Laudate Dominum’ mean?” The question was asked to me by a parishioner last week as they were leaving Sunday Mass. This phrase is plastered across the wall in the choir loft above the beautiful Rose Window in our church. The phrase is quite large; even a slight glance upwards toward the choir loft would call your attention to it. Have you ever noticed it before? Do you know what it means? Why is it in the choir loft? Why is it in the church at all? These are all great questions and I dare say, every parishioner should know the answer. Blessed Sacrament Church is full of symbols, paintings, statues, Latin phrases and stained glass windows that tell a truly wonderful and beautiful story about our Faith as Roman Catholics AND about the rich and long history of our Parish.

As parishioners you should be very proud of your Catholic AND Parish heritage, customs and traditions. Why does the priest wear different color vestments? Why does he wear vestments at all? Why do we use candles at Mass? Can we receive all Seven Sacraments? Why do we worship the Saints? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, or better yet, if you can’t explain the answers and their significance to someone who isn’t a Catholic, then there’s a problem. The solution is easy: Learn more about your Faith! Don’t just come to Mass every week out of simple habit or call yourself a Catholic in ‘name’ only. Come to my Adult Faith Formation Class/Seminar this Monday night, October 25th at 7:00 PM in the church. Come and ask questions in this informal setting. If you have a question about the Catholic Church, our Traditions, the Sacraments, the Bible, etc. ASK!! I invite you to attend and learn. I invite you to submit any questions you may have before the class and I’ll do my best to answer them. You can drop them off at the Rectory or put them in the collection basket at Mass addressed to me.

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gave us a Faith that is meant to be active and shared. We all should have a personal relationship with Christ through Prayer and the Sacraments, but the way we practice our Faith was never meant to be a ‘private matter.’ The Only way for us to pass on what we believe to our family and friends is first to know what we believe and why. Our Heavenly Father has never asked us to have a ‘blind faith’, but rather something to be practiced with great joy and enthusiasm.

Join me and lets ‘discover’ together the beauty and richness of our Roman Catholic Church. By the way, ‘Laudate Dominum’ means ‘Praise the Lord.’

In Christ,            

Fr. Carusi

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